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During their stay we organize periodically some excursions all over the island for our customers that can last half a day or a full day.

Stone Town

Mji Mkongwe (old city in Swahili), or Stone Town. Several stages characterize this excursion: the colorful market, the Anglican cathedral, the house of Wonders, and much more! An unmissable opportunity to visit the old part of the capital of Zanzibar.

Blu Safari

It is an unforgettable trip dedicated to relaxation, the sea and the sun, the Blue Safari is one of the most fascinating excursions that the island of Zanzibar offers.

Spice Tour

You will be intoxicated by the scent of spices: vanilla, cloves, green, red or black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, coffee, cocoa, etc. Our local guides will take you to a new world, still unknown to Europeans: the kingdom of spices and exotic fruits.

Prison Island (Changuu)

An evocative scenery to cross with the typical sailing dhows to admire, among the various wonders, the famous giant turtles.

Dolphin Safari

On this exciting trip you can snorkel with dolphins while observing them in their natural habitat.

Jozani Forest

Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a park located on the island of Zanzibar; it includes the Jozani Forest, inland, and the Chwaka Bay lagoon. It is inhabited by many animals, including the mythical monkeys, which you can admire while walking in unspoiled nature.

Nungwi Village

Nungwi is a fishing village located at the northern end of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago, in the past known above all for being one of the most active centers for the construction of dhows, the traditional sailboat. It is possible to admire the sunset.

Mnemba Atoll

A private atoll of 4 square km off the coast of Tanzania, fifteen minutes by motor boat from the island of Zanzibar. The blindingly white sand, as fine as talcum powder, clean from the tides and marked only by the light footprints of the egrets. A tropical sea, transparent and warm, with the coral reef a few meters from the beach, ideal for snorkelling.

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